News: all the news decoded for you!

The news bulletin is an unmissable program for news enthusiasts. In each bulletin, the journalists decipher the news by sharpening their critical thinking. The viewers can even enjoy themselves while watching the news.

Political news

Political news

Find the results of the elections and other political reports in one section.

World economy

World economy

Economy news takes on the tourism situation, the evolution of the oil price, the euro exchange rates, etc.

Cooking channels

Cooking enthusiasts can enjoy programmes such as MasterChef, Great British Menu, Dinner Date, Come Dine With Me and more.

Sports channels

Many channels specialise exclusively in sports, among these are Eurosport, Sky Sports, BBC Sport, Fox Sports, BeIN Sports, etc.

Science and discovery

Lovers of discovery and science can find out more about these subjects by watching fascinating documentaries and reports on dedicated channels.

Entertainment shows

Weekly entertainment magazines contain television programmes, news reports, games and tourism shows.


What kind of movies do you prefer?

Horror, thrillers, comedies, science fiction, westerns, historical, dramas, musicals…movies come in different genres.

Humour is still in pole position

The creation of comedy films is an opportunity for artists and consumers alike to mock society or character traits.

Romantic comedies

If you’re looking for a good romantic comedy film, check out Love Actually, When Harry met Sally and many others.

Action movies and thrillers

Fans of action movies and thrillers are advised to watch Elusive, Red Card or Trance for their next cinema sessions.

What kind of movies do you prefer


What to watch on TV tonight?

To find out what’s on TV tonight, just check the TV programme schedule of your favourite channels.

TV series

Films & TV series

Find the latest reviews of popular films and TV series.

current events

News & current events

TV news provides viewers with the most important news items of the day.


Music & concerts

Symphonic, classical and chamber music concerts are best experienced when in live events.

Reality shows

Reality shows

Big Brother has inspired many other reality shows such as The Family, Love Island, The Apprentice…



Documentaries are available on different themes: stories, animals and nature, society, travel, politics…



Television is a media platform that offers a variety of entertainment types: sports, theatre, music, games, dance…


Do you have a favourite cultural activity? Which one is it?

Cultural activities are the creation, distribution, production or consumption of theatre, music, dance, visual arts in an art gallery or radio and TV programmes.

Exhibitions of masterpieces

Museums and art galleries

Cultural events

Arts festivals

Dinner shows


Reading aloud

Reading and poetry

Ballet School

Ballet classes

Cooking classes

Culinary and wine workshops

Netflix free movies


Netflix: free movies and series

Netflix offers content that is accessible for free. Indeed, you don’t need to subscribe to the American streaming platform to watch popular movies and series.

The new free content allows you to enjoy some of Netflix’s best programmes. However, it’s worth noting that the content available for free only includes the first episodes of every series. Among the movies and series available without the need of a subscription on Netflix, we can mention Stranger Things, Elite, Bird Box and many more.