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Manuscripts and facsimiles to enhance your library

There are plenty of beautiful works of art discussing archaeology and different cultures out there. To meet the needs of readers and others interested in large-scale handwritten works, it is currently possible to obtain faithful original copies of some handwritten…

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Interactive short stories and novels to read online

In recent years, it seems that digital technology has succeeded in changing the way we entertain ourselves, even reading is now done virtually. But it’s for a good reason because, in the age of invading screens, it’s becoming increasingly difficult…

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Culture and theatre enthusiasts, online blog are your friends!

Do you like theatre and cultural events? To stay up-to-date while keeping yourself entertained, you can follow the latest news (events, dates, etc.), go out and attend your favourite shows, check out recommendations for exhibitions and more. You can also…

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Art and social media: artists can now exhibit their works on the internet

For starters, one thing is clear: social media is redefining the way the art world does business! In the past year, over 80% of all millennial art buyers have purchased art online, with almost half of online buyers using Instagram…

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Benjamin Millepied seeks to change the world through his art

Benjamin is known for his choreography creations, especially classical and modern dance ones for which he has won the most trophies. That is why he chose to transform the world through his art! Who is Benjamin Millepied? Benjamin Millepied is…

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What’s next for circuses that have damped wild animals?

Many countries have banned the use of wild and domestic animals in circuses. Indeed, only horses and dogs are now used in some training events. For their protection and for the safety of spectators, many species, especially those considered dangerous…

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