How to pick the right contemporary paintings?

Contemporary paintings are part of the very characteristic works of contemporary art from the 1945s to the present day. They are the successor to modern art. In France, they are used to designate aesthetic practices and artistic achievements. On that note, art lovers should start by understanding how to buy contemporary paintings...

Learning about the different contemporary paintings

There are many different types of contemporary art. Among these is the abstract model which is characterised by luxurious and glowing creations in an imaginary and subjective universe. Then comes the ethnic model which represents African and Oriental cultures, in landscape or portrait mode, and lets you travel to peaceful and ambient places. Then there is the pop art model which integrates paintings of different figures (feminine or abstract or others) made in different colours. This one refines the wall decoration or in the rooms or in the living room or even in the office. Also, the modern painting model presents an offbeat decoration, fiery colours, and strong symbolism. In addition, you can also find cabinet, easel, cubist, diptych, expressionist, figurative, geometric, impressionist, monumental, mosaic, polyptych, surrealist, triptych models.

The difference between contemporary and renaissance paintings

Renaissance paintings have common techniques, subjects, lights, realism, and perspectives. They are based on wood, easel, oil and varnish. And generally, the paintings framed in them represent humanism, merchants, poetry, rhetoric, cities, etc. Contemporary paintings, on the other hand, are made to withstand UV rays and humidity and to be displayed permanently as part of a wall decoration within the property. They are self-contained, movable, and adaptable to any location. The contemporary model also incorporates different styles and techniques (acrylic, watercolour, oil, on paper, on canvas, etc.) that are quite unique. But to make sure you pick the right artworks, you should know beforehand how to buy contemporary paintings!

Advice on how to buy contemporary paintings

First of all, note that you can make the transaction online. Nowadays, the internet is an essential sales space for cultural products dedicated to art lovers, professionals and collectors alike. The main benefit is that you can check out and pay for your products quickly and legally in a large sales area, without having to leave your house. Secondly, you must choose among the models (abstract, ethnic, cabinet, easel, cubist, diptych, expressionist, figurative, geometric, impressionist, modern, monumental, mosaic, polyptych, pop art, street art, surrealist, triptych) available and marketable online. Finally, you should consider the suggestions made by friends and family before choosing the best shop for you, whether its an online or a physical one.
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