Visual Arts

Jean-Claude Novaro, a colourist master glassmaker

A renowned colourist and master glass artist, Jean-Claude Novaro (1943-2014) was considered one of the most influential figures in the art world of the 21st century in France. Nearly seven years after his death, his most beautiful works are still…

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How have clowns become Bernard Buffet’s trademark?

Clowns are one of the main themes of Bernard Buffet. They are easily recognizable characters as they reflect melancholy in his paintings. Indeed, the sadness of the clown’s face contrasts sharply with the world of the circus, which should breathe…

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Where to find a gallery that specialises in Bernard Buffet’s work in Paris?

Bernard Buffet is a French expressionist painter, his works have been fascinating so many people even after his death. Like Picasso, he won the hearts of art enthusiasts all over the world with his works of art. That is why…

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