Live streaming: how to build a studio?

Live streaming is primarily suitable for different kinds of event broadcasting. It allows the viewer to share an event with other viewers who attended the event live. But the questions that come up are: how to make live streaming studio? How does this platform operate? And what are the different types of content that can be broadcast using this method?

How to build a streaming studio?

In order to build a live streaming studio, there are some essential requirements that need to be taken into account. First of all, this studio should be comfortable. For this, it is not necessary to have a stationary studio to broadcast events, but it is important to have a dedicated and well-equipped location. In addition, the studio must have adequate lighting, as lighting is one of the best sources of investment to give a sense of depth and texture to the scene. Finally, in order to create a live streaming studio, it is important to have a decent sound recording and an encoder, because in order to stream content on the internet, one needs an encoder. Two possibilities can be used: using a software encoder or using a hardware encoder.

How does a streaming studio work?

A streaming studio is now used in almost every sector and across the entire web. Currently, it is the basis for the success of web giants like YouTube or Spotify, but also Netflix. In fact, the workings of this studio are based on two parties: the Internet user and a server. During a video launch, the user's device sends a request to the server. When enough data is retrieved from this memory, the playback will start. This allows for instant playback of videos as well as music directly on the web browser. This became a major feature of the Internet at the beginning of 2000, with the launch of various large streaming platforms.

What are the different contents to stream?

Streaming is a way of sending as well as receiving content in a continuous mode in a network. It is possible to start the playback while the rest of the content is being sent. Therefore, there are many contents that can be distributed on this platform, such as videos. In fact, watching streaming videos saves a lot of time. You can watch whatever you want, without the need to download voluminous files that will take up a lot of storage space on the device. Video games work with the same principle as streaming audio and video. 
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