WandaVision: why such success?

Marvel is known for its heroic superhero films and also the Avengers, but not this time around. After the huge tragedies and the disappearance of half of the world's population, the production house continues with a series of Wanda and Vision. Even non-subscribers have made WandaVision a success in the film industry.

Marvel's WandaVision: the origins of such success

With subscribers anticipating the continuation of the four phase MCU production, the series was launched. In addition, Wanda's romantic disappointments that appeared in the last minute of "End Game" reinforce the stories told in the new series. All attention is then redirected to this new cinematic creation of the production company. The great disappearance of the film's Romeo then represents a great mystery about the continuity of their relationship, even if they were only secondary characters. Moreover, the world is much more curious about dramatic stories and heartbreaks. This is what makes the WandaVision series successful, thanks to the idea of Marvel and Disney+.

What is the series about?

Fans have been waiting for a long time for a series from the production house, as if they had a taste for films that last two hours. Very unexpectedly, the series is currently raging on media and TV. Marvel's subscriber base increased dramatically just after the first two episodes aired. Wanda was crushed by Vision's disappearance and was desperate for ways to bring him back to life, which the show does throughout the seven episodes, by revisiting Vision in a parallel universe. Like all the excitement about the sequel, which makes WandaVision a success, will the two superheroes get back together?

A story full of adventure

Marvel used to tell every phase of each character's life. Starting with Thor, Captain America, and then Black Widow which was shifted, replaced by the most watched series in the world; this caused the WandaVision success among all its peers, while having palpitations cut with an expectation of a better sequel. Each episode was a surprise on the continuity of the relationship between Wanda and Vision. The concept, the idea and the creativity that came together in the series were the basis for this great success. Superhero fans are currently waiting for the sequel, but will Marvel embrace this series concept again?
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